Richard Wright & LSD

The June 23, 2008 Philadelphia Tribune news article below states that Richard Wright was drugged with LSD at the United States Embassy in Paris. I think he was drugged in 1958 because Wright had a Paris U.S. Embassy visit on February 13, 1958 and Sidney Gottlieb (head of the dirty drug tricks at the CIA) was reportedly in Paris in 1958, as noted in the book, "Poisoner in Chief Sidney Gottlieb and the CIA Search for Mind Control," page 162 as part of "Project Derby Hat". "Project Derby Hat" interrogated people while under the influence of unwitting LSD drugging.

"Chemical agents were used abroad until 1959 for discrediting or disabling operations, or for the purpose of interrogations with the approval of the Chief of Operations ..." Senate Intelligence Report, 1977.

Richard Wright drugged with LSD at US Paris Embassy

The FBI document below shows Richard Wrights visit to the U.S. Embassy in Paris on February 13, 1958. The letter C in "Security Matter - C" is for "Communist."

Richard Wright Feb 13, 1958 Embassy Visit 

The third paragraph of the FBI document below dated February 26, 1945 states that Richard Wright was 4F (unfit for military service) because of "severe psycho-neurosis" and "Selective Service Board have reflected his interest in the problem of the negro to be almost an obsession." The Army did not want this type of man representing United States in their ranks.

Richard Wright LSD drugged at US Paris Embassy