Chapter 2, Section 3

The first partial paragraph of the third court document page below starts by saying that Lucent retained the right to petition the court to stop disability payments if I did not provide proof of continued treatment by a psychiatrist (I call their treatment torture or at least thought-reform) or follow the rules of their bogus and racially motivated disability plan (which I call their plan to disable me). The first full paragraph of Judge Fletcher’s order on the following court-order-document page says that Lucent did not comply with the 1989 Pennsylvania ERISA court order. (I sued AT&T in 1989 in Pennsylvania and won for firing me after they forced me on mental disability and after I graduated from Air Force Officer Candidate School (while I was on forced mental disability)). Fletcher states that the Pennsylvania ERISA court again ordered Lucent to pay disability payments, but they added that I had the right to select my own psychiatrist for my psychiatric torture. This right was required because of the three psychiatrists that Lucent ‘recommended,’ the first one that I saw was racist, and I did not trust any psychiatrist that Lucent ‘recommended.’ This is one reason Lucent said I was paranoid. Besides regular medical malpractice, psychiatry has a long history of being used in racially motivated ways. Besides, I was in a “Catch-22,” because I was forced to participate in my own torture because the anti-racial-discrimination laws did not provide me protection under the United States Constitution. If my early personality was not formed in a nature environment, not accustomed to the norms of social programming, with no real desire to conform or fit-in by fighting-fire-with-fire, I would have been crushed by this fiasco masquerading as justice. Unfortunately, Lucent’s doctors were equivalent to CIA Doctors, with the same purpose, to destroy the minds of the enemy.

In the 2006 book “The CIA Doctors: Human Rights Violations by American Psychiatrists,” by Colin A. Ross, M.D., he describes how doctors are weaponized and programmed to violate their oath of “Do No Harm,”; how C.I.A. doctors performed “mind altering experiments on unwitting human subjects, paid for by the U.S. government, the U.S. Military, and the C.I.A. ” No way did I trust the doctors recommended by Lucent. Put bluntly, especially since almost every psychologist or psychiatrist I met who worked for AT&T or Lucent did not work for me under a doctor-patient relationship, they worked for a corporation; a soulless fictional person. This is 1986, two years after AT&T, the predecessor to Lucent, came off of monopoly status, it had basically been an arm of the American Government. I already mentioned that the associates of Dr. Henry A. Murray, who developed personality testing, went on to develop personality assessment testing for AT&T. Murray also developed personality assessment tests for the O.S.S. (Office of Strategic Services), a precursor to the CIA, to determine which men would crack under the psychological duress of interrogations, lie successfully, or have the ability to read a person’s character by their clothing. According to Timothy Leary, Dr. Henry A. Murray monitored military experiments in brainwashing. Dr. Murray was a colonel for the O.S.S. (Office of Strategic Services), a forerunner of the CIA. While at the O.S.S., he coauthored a psychological analysis of Hitler, which correctly predicted that Hitler would commit suicide rather than be captured.

Dr. Murray taught at Harvard, and “from 1959 to 1962, he conducted a series of psychologically damaging and abusive experiments on undergraduate students. These experiments were designed to determine how people react under trauma.” ( What Murray called “vehement, sweeping, and personally abusive attacks, assaulting his subjects’ egos and most-cherished ideals and beliefs.” ( (I was put under similar duress.) One of these people under experimentation was a seventeen-year-old Theodore John Kaczynski, better known as Ted Kaczynski. These experiments on Ted went on for three years. Ted was a mathematically brilliant student with an I.Q. of 167. After an undergraduate degree at Harvard, he went on to write a very complex Ph.D. dissertation in mathematics at the University of Michigan, with the simple title of “Boundary Functions”. ( It is said that no more than a dozen people in the country understood and appreciated his Ph.D. thesis. Ted Kaczynski became the “UNABOMBER”; University and Airlines Bomber, a nomenclature developed for Kaczynski by the FBI because Ted was sending bombs to universities and airlines. Kaczynski killed three people and injured twenty-three others. Ted wrote a manifesto called “Industrial Society and Its Future,” Kaczynski’s manifesto begins, Technology and its consequences “have been a disaster for the human race.” They have led, it contends, to the growth of a technological system dependent on a social, economic, and political order that suppresses individual freedom and destroys nature. “The system does not and cannot exist to satisfy human needs. Instead, it is human behavior that has to be modified to fit the needs of the system.” Kaczynski said that post-industrial-society finds individually independent people dangerous and will try to control us to force us to fit in, like machines, to fill the needs of the industrial/technological society.

Ted was supposedly influenced by French philosopher, theologian and sociologist Jacques Ellul who wrote the 1954 book, “The Technological Society”. Jacques Ellul said, “In our technological society, technique is the totality of methods rationally arrived at and having absolute efficiency (for a given stage of development) in every field of human activity.”  His ideas of the Technological Society were based on the term “Technique,” he theorized it to include not only machines and technical devices but the whole industry of rational methods for making human activity more efficient, and that these have outgrown human control, where humans are slaves that serve technology. (“Technique” made it more efficient for Lucent to force me on mental disability than change their organization to become nonracist.)

The design and manufacture of integrated circuits is a highly industrial/technological endeavor, and the psychological warfare “Technique” directed at me to keep the production lines moving, mirrors Ted’s complaints outlined in his manifesto. If we argue that Kaczynski was irreparably psychologically damaged by the three years of MKULTRA trauma experiments at Harvard under Dr. Murray, since he was a lot smarter than me, (my I.Q. is only 120) then maybe I should understand more of what he wrote.  And with the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that is predicted to kill us all, perhaps you should too. Some had commented that if he were not the “UNABOMBER” who killed three and injured twenty-three others, his manifesto would have been a brilliant work that applies more today than when it was written in 1995. Ted’s manifesto “Industrial Society and Its Future” explains my torture at the hands of Lucent’s medical plan. What Kaczynski did not mention was the opening of the “Third Eye” which saved me.

I might as well mention that for five years, I lived in my Dodge RV Xplorer van (the thing was like a tank) in Venice, California, and worked out at Gold’s Gym. One day in 2013, I parked in the parking lot of the county library in Marina Del Rey, California, just adjacent to Venice. I was reading a book on “Number Theory,” a branch of pure mathematics, and was captivated. At one point, I moved to the back of the van where there was a built-in bed to lie down, to relax, and read. After about an hour, I closed my eyes to absorb what I was reading and soon heard some knocking on the window; it was a cop. He gave me a ticket for sleeping in my van. I had to go to court for the ticket. I told the judge that I was not sleeping, that I was just resting while I was reading. The cop blurted out that I should go inside to read. I returned that I was more comfortable reading in the van. That is when I noticed two guys sitting in the area where the jury would sit, in Army military fatigues with their pants tucked into their boots, (called blousing), watching the proceedings. I got the idea that these guys were from Army military intelligence. What were they doing there, observing? It was 2013, and the police were still harassing me because I thought they thought I was a mentally disabled veteran who claimed that he was poisoned with LSD. When the hearing was over (I only had to pay court costs), the two Army guys left the courtroom just before I did. Thinking back on it now, I think Army Intelligence believed that I was drugged and was trying to ensure that I was not the next Ted Kaczynski.

Getting back to the lawsuit page below, I used the “Yellow Pages” and found an older female psychiatrist in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania west of Philidelphia. (Lucent refused to pay her and make court-ordered disability payments because they wanted a doctor they could control.) Her name was Dr. Miller, and she had recently completed her psychiatry program in Mexico. She was close to sixty years of age and had her office in her home. Her ex-husband was a partner at the Philadelphia law firm Decher, Price, & Rhoads. He came in handy because when Lucent refused to pay her or make my disability payments, she got her ex-husband and his law firm to represent me to sue Lucent again to make them pay Pennsylvania ERISA court-ordered disability payments. His law firm also had the court determine that I could see any competent psychiatrist that I wanted, which was more typical healthcare. They moved the required proof of treatment forms from monthly to every quarter. I ended up only sending in these forms when Lucent, through CIGNA, screamed for them. I considered these psychiatric visits a form of interrogation, torture, and a way to keep me under control, so I did not like them. They always said bad things about me, like I was paranoid because I did not trust Lucent or their doctors; a Catch-22 that I was forced to participate in; these were at least evasions of my privacy. Lucent retained the right to petition the court to stop disability payments if I did not continue these psychiatric interrogations, which they eventually did.

Fletcher says that in 2005, I again sued Lucent Pro Se for, besides other things, Assault, battery, and intentional infliction of emotional distress as part of continued violations from 1986. Lucent moved to have the case dismissed, and the district court approved the dismissal, stating that the case was time-barred, and the appeals court approved/affirmed it. While I was waiting for the outcome of that 2005 case, on June 13, 2006, Lucent petitioned the Pennsylvania court to stop disability payments. Lucent told the Pennsylvania court that I did not provide proof of disability forms since 2003 and that I was in violation of the 1990 court order. Lucent’s timing of stopping disability payments in 2006, while I was waiting for a decision on my 2005 lawsuit I filed against them, looked like retaliation.

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